Zodiac Signs Rated Worst to Greatest

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They are on the list of the worst zodiac signs because they tend to have an opinion on everything and are often aggressive with everyone.

They will typically make everything about themselves and are very zealous and difficult. 


Twins have enormous ideas and concepts, but their execution falls short. They have a tendency to distort and boast excessively.

Scorpions are distant and egocentric. They require compassion and empathy yet lack expression.



They accept life as it is and are bursting with confidence and vitality. 

Caps do not have an obsession. They require little maintenance and are highly adaptive and variable. 



They are exceptional at being silent and become excellent pals that will never abandon you in good or bad times.

They are straightforward, forthright, and vocal, and they are devoid of deception and malice.



They will continually pay close attention to your boasts and provide you with the greatest advice.

They are affectionate, observant, and supportive spirits who will always pay special attention to you and wish you the very best.


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