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Zodiac Signs Not Afraid To Start


The Caps are constantly on the lookout for someone to approach them. If they are interested in a person.

They will generally have a strong sense on the first meeting, so they will not waste time sitting about.

They will flirt and joke about in a style that appears unsophisticated to some, but if you spend enough time with a Sagittarius.


You will notice that they become considerably more confident in a short period of time.

If an Aries is intrigued by you, they will grasp the opportunity to tell you. Aries aren't afraid to go headfirst into a situation. 


They recognise that their spirited nature enables them to make the first move without appearing hopeless.

Leos can go wherever they want, but they are also determined to acquire what they want. 


They will likely initiate contact in an effort to gain your interest, but they fully expect you to act swiftly in response.

Taurus may appear distant to some, but if they like a person, they are not afraid to make the first move and connect.


They take as much time as required to ensure that when they make this decision, it will be the right one.

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