Zodiac Signs and the Strawberry Paradise They Call Home  

Four women from different zodiac signs, each with a strong connection to her Strawberry World, will have their magical kingdoms explored in this blog. 

Sign of the Ram  Introducing the Aries woman: a lively and enthusiastic personality who exudes the infectious joy of a child at heart.  

There is no denying the innocent quality that permeates an Aries woman's spontaneous decisions and honest remarks.  

Our Astrologer  Adaptability, youthful enthusiasm, and a quick mind are hallmarks of the Gemini personality.  

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In example, the Gemini woman welcomes each new experience with an innocent wonder.  

Leo  The Sun-ruled Leo has an air of both majesty and innocence about them. 

Like a regal lion cub, a Leo lady is full of energy, full of playfulness, and constantly looking for attention. 

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