Zodiac Sign Who Depress Others

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They essentially desire to obtain the spotlight regardless of the means necessary.


They regularly criticise or be cruel to others out of a wish to feel superior and beat everyone else to the punch.

Virgos recognise that they are the embodiment of perfection. They believe they are exceptional at what they do and aspire to reach the pinnacle.


If it requires bringing people down by diminishing their confidence through accusing and criticising them, so be it.

They typically suffer from a superiority complex, do not take people seriously, and are responsible for taunting others.


They will always seek to please, whether in their profession, health, family life, or relationships with those they care about.

Whenever someone attempts to confront them or supplant their ideas, they will ridicule and degrade them in order to convey their point.


Sag's open-mindedness and passion for adventure shine through and make them absolutely great.

Geminis are incredibly angelic, with an oval-shaped face reminiscent of a doll. Gemini is extraordinarily beautiful.


Their consistently wavy hair gives a touch of aggression to their otherwise endearing appearance and pairs well with their piercingly beautiful eyes.

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