Worst Dogs for Children to Own 

If they are not properly cared for, these enormous dogs have the potential to cause injury, which is a cause for concern for households who have children.  

They are wonderful for older children, but they have the potential to accidently knock over younger youngsters.  

Training is quite important, particularly throughout their long puppyhood when they are learning how to control their size and power. 

If you provide them with the appropriate training and care, a Rottweiler may be a fantastic addition to the family;  

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nevertheless, you need exercise caution when it comes to how they behave with your children. 

Shar Peis may have the appearance of lovable teddy bears, but in reality, they are more often than not surly guardians.  

As a result of their temperamental tendencies, these canines are not the most suitable playmates for children of a younger age.  

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