Top Zodiac Signs By Popularity

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Pisces believe that everyone is fundamentally good and have an interesting story. 


Librans, like Pisces in particular, find other people interesting, and their curious nature suggests they are capable of finding new friends.


Cancerians tend to be at the centre of the action when it comes to group life, coordinating all the large meetings and local events. 


Leos are friendly and generous with their friends. Yet, their light shines so brightly that it can dampen the light of those around them, who won't generally realise what's happening.


They are quite capricious in their attention, and they will swiftly move on to new folks and environments and stop calling.


They will generally evaluate how their relationship with another person reflects on them, thus they can be selective about who they choose to contact.


Sagittarius is constantly on the move, and while they will strike up a last-minute friendship, they are not the kind to call frequently or be there for someone in need.


So that they may concentrate on where they are going, they keep an eye on the signs so that they can continue with their life.


They enjoy their own company and doing whatever they feel like. They aren’t stressed by being popular.


They are self-assured enough to stand out, but insecure enough to require others to devote time and effort in interacting with them. 

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