The Zodiac Signs That Honestly Despise Love 

When one zodiac sign's relationship ends, some of those signs are quick to seek out a new one. 

Cancer  You aren't interested in dating again, even though you hope to find your soulmate and settle down with them someday.  

You desire some time to yourself. Searching for a mate can be really stressful, so you want to make the most of your alone time. 

Twin stars  If you've already been hurt too many times by love, you'd rather not risk it again. 

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Just not caring is easier. Isolating yourself and keeping your emotions in check is easy.  

Leo  Your relationship history is less than stellar, and you're beginning to feel down on yourself, so you'd rather not fall in love again. 

You aren't the type to go to extraordinary lengths for just anyone, but you are prepared to give someone a chance if they seem good.  

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