Spectacular (But Seldom Found) Animals to Witness Worldwide 

Visitors can view many of these fiercely protected creatures at sanctuaries or in the wild 

The Tuatara of New Zealand may not seem like much, yet it is one of the world's "living fossils."  

Despite their lizard-like appearance, they are the last living members of the order Rhynchocephalia 

The only penguin species that can be found north of the equator is the Galápagos penguin, 

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which is primarily found on the west coast of Isabela Island and the Galápagos Island of Fernandina Island. 

if they are increasingly becoming one of the rarest animal species in the world, blue whales 

may still be seen all over the world, even if humpback whales are the most common animals to observe on whale-watching cruises. 

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