Signs You Should Break Up For Good

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You’re holding on to the past

Every relationship has a honeymoon phase where everything is ideal. The true measure of a couple's compatibility begins once this love euphoria subsides.

Often, you must look yourself rather than at your spouse or your connection to determine if you should end the relationship. 

You’re walking on eggshells

You resent each other

Perhaps you, your partner, or both of you have done things that have deeply wounded the other. 

You’ve been doing the on-again-off-again dance

Another traditional indicator that you should stop your relationship with your partner is if you continuously breaking up and reconciling. 

You’ve been doing all the work in the relationship

Eventually, this relationship dynamic will leave you fatigued and at your wit's end. When this occurs, you will snap.

You’ve cheated or been cheated upon

There are numerous ways romantic partners can betray one another's confidence, from emotional to financial infidelity.

You don’t trust each other

Chronic deceit and concealment of information can also foster mistrust between partners.

Your outlook on life is compromised

Every relationship takes compromise and adjustment, but there must be a limit to how far you are ready to go to make it work.

You feel emotionally starved

In a romantic relationship, it is unacceptable to feel unheard. If you feel emotionally starved despite being in a relationship.

You’ve stopped caring

Nothing destroys a relationship faster than apathy on the side of one or both spouses.

You feel drawn to others

Your connection is fundamentally over. You're just dragging it along till it comes apart.

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