Relationship Breakup Zodiac Sign

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You did not want to be alone, you rushed into a relationship with someone who was utterly unsuited to you.


You sobbed for months about them, Taurus. You watched dismal flicks and listened to music that evoked their mood.


You started sleeping with everybody who seemed interested in you. In an effort to forget your ex, you hopped from bed to bed.


You have closed your bedroom door. You no longer socialise with your friends. You stopped caring about your appearance, including your hair, nails, and clothing.


You would learn their entire life story if they shared a photograph with someone. Your animosity had triumphed over you.


You started to prioritise your mental and physical health. You devoted more time to determining what made you feel good.


You desired to explore as much of the world as possible, but you could not remain at the location where your heart was broken.


You went out with your friends every night and learned about the best bars in town.


Your preoccupation temporarily drew your attention away from your problems. It served as a getaway from your unpleasant feelings.


You made every effort to care for your family and friends so that you would not have to worry about yourself.

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