Popular family-friendly dog breeds

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Icelandic sheepdog

The Icelandic sheepdog is your kids' best friend for loyalty. Find a dog that makes you feel like royalty. Their tail-wagging, joyful greeting is irresistible.

Bearded collie

No of the weather, bearded collies love to play. They have a powerful bark yet are too friendly to deter burglars.

American Eskimo dog

Cute American Eskimo dogs: They're cute and fluffy. They appreciate family activities.

Brussels griffon

Charming Brussels griffons weigh 10 pounds. These pets may amuse you. They have personality, confidence, and strut.

American Staffordshire 

Our GangPete s the Pup was an American Staffordshire terrier. While gentle with youngsters, AmStaffs can be swaggering with other dogs.

Alaskan Malamute

An Alaskan Malamute should be trained properly from the start. Set the rules early to show you're in charge. If not, the dog may assume he or she runs the house.

Rhodesian ridgeback

Avoid Rhodesian ridgebacks if you don't like independent dogs. South African lion-chasers are ideal family pets.


Family dogs are collies. They appreciate being outside but prefer snuggling with the family. Collies guard their owners.


Pugs' expressive faces melt hearts. Kids and pets love them. Pugs are calm and rarely bark or chew.

Bernese mountain

Bernese Mountain dogs are calm, yet they'll play with a little encouragement. Training is easy with them. Understand that the dog's size and enthusiasm may challenge you.

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