The Zodiac Sign Recall Everything

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They are capable of recalling visual images and would therefore be able to recall every detail of an event that occurred many years ago.

They do not forgive and never look back, and they are very direct when it comes to helping people recall their terrible actions.


Sensitive Cancers are easily hurt or irritated. People remember things vividly, too, and in general.

The vivid memory they share with humans means they tend to avoid interacting with anyone who have wronged or deceived them in the past.


Ignore the fact that you can't recall anything. You could be surprised by a Scorpio's memory, which can recall minute specifics of seemingly trivial events.

Scorpios remember every detail of their lives, both happy and painful, making them the types of people who have trouble letting go of hurtful emotions.


Cap. If you've done them wrong, their animosity towards you will last a lifetime.

If you have been there for them through tough times, however, they will never forget the value you added and will always treat you with respect.

They are very particular about who they love and devote their time and attention to.

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