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Geminis are intellectual snobs. They acknowledge that they and their ideas are superior to those of everyone else.

When someone punctures their air pocket by reprimanding something, they cannot tolerate it and will typically go into overdrive.


Virgos recognise that the universe revolves around them. They believe that everyone is speaking solely to address them.

If you attempt to bring them back to the real world, they will narcissistically hold to their convictions.


Libras acknowledge that they are a gift to humanity; nonetheless, they find it difficult to comprehend that others may dislike something or feel depressed when they are present.

When someone bunks around them, they assume it is directed at them and will typically take it literally.


In general, Pisces people will be exceedingly oversensitive and emotional. Constantly on the edge, they accept that everything revolves around them.

If you tell them, for instance, that the weather is sweltering, they may conclude that your irritability is caused by their presence.


A few groups are so overly sensitive that they can never laugh at themselves and perceive everything as an insult.

They are the exact opposite of flaunting and are sufficiently narcissistic to take everything literally.

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