Most Loyal Zodiac Sign

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Cancer, if you have a close friend who belongs to this zodiac sign, you can be certain that they will never deceive you. 


They despise you or adore you, they will be steadfast in their commitment to that position.


Those born under the sign of Taurus are noted for their steadfastness as partners and companions.


They are very particular about who they love and devote their time and attention to.

Generally speaking, Virgos are reliable and faithful in all types of relationships, as they dislike playing games.


They will remain your friends anyway and will hold a grudge towards anyone who has ever mistreated you.


Gemini finds a trustworthy partner or companion, they become completely devoted and faithful.


If they discover the ideal partner, they are completely dedicated and loyal.


Caps have a tendency to carry all of the psychological weight from their prior associations with themselves.


Sags are constantly seeking adventure and are unable to settle in one place for an extended period of time.


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