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Most Joyful Zodiac Sign

Aries Take The Lead

Aries are natural leaders, so they're happiest when they're in charge, can display their pioneering energies, and can fully pursue their whims.

Taurus Start a meaningful collection

So it should come as no surprise that for this sign to be happiest, it will entail just that—feeling stable and secure.

Gemini Have deep conversations

Simmons suggests that if Gemini wishes to obtain happiness, they should concentrate on finishing what they've started.

Cancer Strengthen your relationships

Cancers must also "reevaluate their friendships and surround themselves with people who will support and break through their boundaries.

Leo Abandon your pride

Being the centre of attention will improve Leo's attitude, particularly if Leo can focus on their passion projects and interests.

Virgo Rein in your perfectionism

This may not sound ideal to type-A Virgos, but a more laid-back outlook on life can considerably improve their health and happiness.

Libra Work on your relationship

Libras are typically happiest when they have a friend, lover, or more who is on par with them.

Scorpio Explore your intellectual

Even while the process of letting go can be lengthy, this does not mean that Scorpio will not experience happiness during this time.

Sagittarius Try new things

Sagittarius is the happiest zodiac sign when they have the opportunity to move.

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