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Fashionable Zodiac Signs


Libras have the best fashion sense, as they are ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty.

They have mastered the art of rocking an ensemble without being excessive or understated.

Theresa Reed, an astrologer, told Bustle, "Libra is usually well-dressed in finely cut attire and exquisite makeup.


This one probably does not surprise you in the least. Leos are the centre of attention wherever they go, and this includes being the most fashionable.

Leos and Leo ascendants effortlessly attract others, earning a barrage of compliments even when running errands in their pyjamas.


Aquarius' inclusion on the list is unsurprising, given that they are the zodiac's individualists, but it's unlikely that they sought inclusion.

They reside in the future, and the rest of us are lagging behind. Either Aquarius will favour simple, well-made.

Either Aquarius will like simple, well-made, timeless classics, or they will gravitate towards the bizarre and unique.


Typically, a Taurus or Taurus-in-the-making can be recognised by their effortless, natural, cool-girl style.

They will always choose natural fibres over synthetic ones, and as lovers of Mother Nature.

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