Most Aggressive Zodiac Signs

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They have been wounded or aggravated, they feel divided between wanting to express their feelings and not wanting to cause a disturbance.

Cancerians would prefer not to start a major argument, but it is not imply they do not experience anger or disappointment.


Libras want to avoid conflict wherever possible and strive to protect the happiness of others.

They will not engage you in an irrefutable argument, but they will ignore you and make unpleasant remarks.


Pisceans are extremely intuitive and skilled at empathising with others.

They might be extraordinarily passive-aggressive due to their extreme aversion to conflict and censure.


Taureans are capable of being straightforward and revealing their emotions, although they would rather not.

Up to that time, they will provide bothersome hints until the other person understands the concept.


Geminis have earned a reputation for being ambiguous and weighing all of their options when confronted with a problem.

Most Gemini persons want to verbalise their emotions in order to work through them, but if they fear doing so will result in a massive confrontation.

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