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Librans dislike it when social connections become erratic or coercive, therefore they will make a special effort to avoid emotional separation.

It is quite hard for them to tell their partner face-to-face that they no longer desire to be with them.

Libra will simply type a sympathetic breakup note and press the'send' button, and they will feel overflowing with ease.


This sign generally follows their inner voice and responds to their stimulus, therefore if they are no longer interested in the connection.

Due of the length of time required to discuss it face-to-face, they will likely send you a text message and then leave.


As a delicate and sensitive zodiac sign, Pisces finds it extremely difficult to endure a breakup. 

They are so sentimental and passionate that they disregard the risk of their relationship being sour in any situation.


Taurus is over a romantic relationship, they are completely done with it.

As far as they can determine, there is no doubt that the lapse point has been achieved. 

As Taureans are so devoted to their relationships, it takes them a considerable amount of time to adjust to a planned separation.

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