Least obedient dog breeds

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Australian Shepherd 

Australian shepherds are high-energy dogs with an unclear origin story. This breed is territorial and protective, thus it needs active training.


The greyhound-like Saluki hails from the Middle East. When it comes to speed, this breed ranks second worldwide.

Finnish spitz 

Finnish spitzs, fondly called Finkies, are some of the world's loudest dogs, yet fans love them. In Finland, owners compete to crown the finest yodelling Finkie.

King Charles spaniel

In honour of Charles II, these short, shaggy spaniels with large, beady eyes were popular with 17th-century British rulers Charles I and Charles II. The breed has four coat colour.

German wirehaired pointer

The German collie mix pointer has a uniform coat of grey and brown hairs, a brown head, and golden snout hairs that resemble a lion's mane.

The American water spaniel, from the Great Lakes region, weighs 25 to 45 pounds and is 15 to 18 inches tall. Its curling ears and beautiful brown fur set it apart.

American water spaniel

Bichon Frise

It's easy to see why European aristocracy in Italy.The Bichon Frise's petite size, dazzling white coat, and bouncing gait make it a puffball with legs.

Tibetan spaniel

Since they could see far, this type was initially bred to guard Tibetan monasteries. Ironically, Tibbies are among the most energetic spaniels.


Greyhounds are sleek, athletic, and can run over 40 mph. Greyhounds sleep 18 hours a day and were bred for sprinting, not endurance.

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