January 29th Marks the Beginning of the Zodiac Princess Era 

Of course, and it's perfectly OK that way. Embrace the age of your princesshood! 

Twin stars  When someone treats you or someone you care about horribly, you're the kind of princess who shuts down the entire scenario.  

On January 29, you will reach the pinnacle of your princess age. Keep in mind that your abilities are meant for good deeds, not evil.  

You exude an air befitting a princess, who is sure to captivate all who behold you.  

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Getting that kind of attention is second nature to you when you're a princess.  

Pisces Princess energy isn't all show and no go-getter; it also brings a good amount of vulnerability.  

You will be more attuned than normal to your surroundings and to your deepest emotions during your princess phase.  

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