How Honest Is Your Boyfriend, According To Zodiac Sign

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He is completely trustworthy. To speak the truth, he is the type of person you can always rely on. 

As an Aries, he adheres to a moral code of honesty. He is aware that lying to you is an act of betrayal, and he would never intentionally violate your trust. 


A Taurus has a tendency to lie, but it is usually from a good place. They would never intentionally deceive you. 

Taurus men are always advocates for peace and harmony in a relationship, even if it occasionally requires them to lie.


The bulk of Gemini men are habitual liars, therefore you must exercise extreme caution around them. 

They are so skilled at lying that they might fool even the most intelligent individuals. But, there are a few Gemini men who understand when it is really vital to speak the truth. 

When Cancer men open their tongues, you know they are always telling the truth, despite the fact that they are normally reserved.


They are continuously searching for methods to be truthful, even if it means hurting the sentiments of those around them. 

Men born under the sign of Leo are extraordinarily honest and not hesitant to brag about it. 


As frustratingly self-assured as Leo males may appear, they typically adhere to a highly rigorous moral code. They never wish to have their reputations damaged.

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