How Every Zodiac Sign Handles Their Grief 

Taurus is a tremendous softie at heart. They are deeply affected when they are injured, 

particularly when it is the result of betrayal. For Taurus to process their emotions on their own, 

. they require personal space and time. They withdraw into their "depression den" and hide when they're depressed 

They will spend days curled up under their covers, binge eating, and watching comfort food films 

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Try this simple, minute-to-prepare chicken salad . They get angry when people who are close to them make them interact dish to make use of the leftover chicken from last night 

They are prone to losing their tolerance with people if they venture out into the world before they are ready.  

Gemini separates and becomes detached. They relentlessly try to escape their melancholy and refuse to "wallow 

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