Dog breeds gaining popularity

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The powerful pup is a sweet, loyal, and functional fluff ball. Sled, herd, or train, the working dog is versatile.

Russell Terrier

Walks, treks, and rides are wonderful for the energetic and interested working terrier. The breed's plush-toy appearance is a perk.

Siberian Husky

Game of Thrones" used Siberian huskies as dire wolves. Despite animal welfare groups' warnings, the exhibition helped boost the breed's appeal.


Devo's song isn't about them. Whippets still have advantages. Whippets are agile, independent, and good racers.

Doberman Pinscher

Many people mistook Doberman pinschers for vicious guard dogs. Doberman pinschers are bright, affectionate, and responsive to strong leadership, as most people know.


These canines are gentle and good with kids despite their imposing appearance. Mastiffs' devotion and bravery as watchdogs and family guardians have made them more popular.

Standard Schnauzer

This "occasionally willful but ever trustworthy" dog was so popular that breeders created larger and smaller versions.

Australian Cattle Dog

If neglected, the Australian cattle dog can be one of the most troublesome dogs. This smart, loyal, and stubborn dog was bred to herd cattle.


Vizslas are gaining popularity. Rust-red colour makes these smart, athletic canines stand out. They thrive on companionship.

Great Dane

Adult males average over 100 pounds and over 3 feet tall. Despite his size, he's kind and patient. Great Danes are ideal family pets for tall people.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

But they're not punk rockers. Rhodesian ridgebacks have gained popularity since their 1950s American debut. Dogs are gentle family protectors.

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