Cardiologists Suggest Mild Exercises to Promote Heart Health 

truly look forward to completing and that could enhance their health. According to a 2022 study, our likelihood of sticking with a certain form of exercise 

According to Dr. Hennessy, the heart is a muscle that becomes stronger with use, just like any other muscle 

. "The way I like to think about how aerobic exercise strengthens the heart is that it's preparing the heart to handle 

any stress on the body," she says. "By 'practicing' this stress, it gives the heart the ability to handle it in a positive way." 

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Dr. Hennessy claims that since muscles utilize a lot of energy, having more muscle mass increases your body's energy consumption throughout the day 

. This results in an increase in your metabolic rate, which facilitates calorie burning and helps you maintain a healthy weight 

Increased muscle mass also protects your arteries, lowering your risk of high blood 

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