Bright Plants That You Can Grow in Your Garden Without Flowers 

Colorful leaves are the hallmark of Coleus scutellarioides, or just coleus. Its foliage is colored in shades of yellow 

, pink, red, and purple. Your coleus plant needs both well-drained soil and partial sun to flourish 

In strong sunshine, certain types will bleach and lose their vivid colors. Brown leaves are a sign of plant damage from too much water 

only advised to plant coleus in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11. This vibrant plant can be cultivated in containers,  

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The foliage of coral bells (Heuchera) is available in an extensive array of forms, sizes, and hues. 

This perennial groundcover likes full sun, dry air, and moist soil. It is hardy in zones 3 through 

Coral bells can withstand little shade, but bright foliage need at least six hours of intense sunlight 

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