Best Hot Dogs in Every State

When they say famous, they mean it: presidents, musicians, authors, movie stars and every Alabama governor since 1917 have all eaten at Chris’ Famous Hot Dogs. 

You will find this favorite Fairbanks eatery in a renovated school bus. Their hot dog creations include the ‘Merican with bacon and cheese 

A hot dog at a Mexican joint? Yes, and it’s a good one! The BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs version of a classic Sonoran is served in a specially made bun with pinto beans 

You’ll find all kinds of dogs here: Bark Bar is a combination bar and dog park! Bring your pooch to this fun space to run and play—while you kick back with a local craft brew 

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Richard and Bernice Walsh opened this hot dog stand in 1946. “Cupid” was Richard’s nickname for Bernice. 

This hot dog joint boasts 13 kinds of sausages, some you’ve probably never heard of before like ostrich, wild boar and rattlesnake-rabbit.  

At this charming hot dog stand you’ll find steamed franks, tasty toppings like chili, melted cheddar, homemade hot pepper relish—and you may just get a song. 

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