Best Banana Bread Ever—Martha Stewart's Hidden Ingredient 

The brown and yellow bananas with spots are something that some people try to avoid, but I'm not one of them.  

In my opinion, it is the ideal cuisine, and I am continuously seeking new and exciting ways to savor it. 

The "trick" that usually gets me the best banana bread—a few really ripe bananas— 

has nothing to do with bananas whatsoever, but I did learn Martha Stewart's secret recipe for banana bread not long ago. 

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Many recipes for quick bread call for the same staples: flour, eggs, liquid (often milk), and a sweetener or leavener (such baking powder).  

You can't make the soft, flavorful loaves you crave without them all. 

The reason these breads are called "quick" is that they don't need to be left to rise like yeasted breads do; instead, they can be made and cooked immediately. 

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