Incredible Health Advantages Of The Guava

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For Headache

Before morning, take an immature guava.On a rock, rub it to create a fine paste.Apply this paste to your aching forehead.

For cold

Few are aware that guava, a fruit with a chilly tendency, can be used to treat phlegm or the common cold. Nonetheless, it is feasible; take a look-

For Arthritis

Make a paste of fresh guava leaves and apply it to the affected area to treat arthritis. This helps alleviate the pain significantly.

For Malarial fever

In cases of malaria, the soft leaves should be ground with water and then strained.

For indigestions

Take 10 grammes of soft, sensitive leaf juice and combine it with sugar. Administer this medication to the patient in the morning. 

Seizures and convulsions

Seizures are convulsions that are commonly observed in neurological conditions such as epilepsy. 

For cardiac weaknes

Remove all of the seeds and mince the fruit.Add sugar and simmer over a medium flame until a sauce-like mixture develops.

For Toothache

Chewing three to four guava leaves everyday helps naturally alleviate toothache.

For Intoxication

If you have become inebriated with 'Bhang' or 'Datura,' offer the patient copious amounts of guava leaf juice; you can even use its decoction.

For Constipation

Consume at least two semi-ripe guavas of medium size every day to treat colitis, diarrhoea, stomach acidity, and stomach swelling.

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