A Simplified Response to Zodiacs' Queries About When They Will "Find Themselves" 

Integrating qualitative and quantitative methods is within your capabilities.

The Gemini  You should have given up searching for yourself a long time ago, Gemini, for here you are.  

The good fortune you encountered has become an essential part of who you are and where you're going in life, but you still haven't accepted this.  

ARIES  If you want to feel good about saying you've "found yourself," you've been seeking for a traditional rite of passage. 

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In order to keep the plot moving forward, we can't skip over the dull sections where nothing happens.  

The issue is that you, Capricorn, have been sitting about and waiting for someone to come looking for you, rather than tackling that enormous task on your own.  

If you know the solution to the problem or have a strong opinion about it, you should speak out and raise your hand.  

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