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How to Make Turkish Coffee

    How to Make Turkish Coffee

    Want to learn how to prepare Turkish coffee? It is such a unique beverage, from its preparation to its consumption. You will enjoy the aroma of coffee permeating your home when you prepare this simple Turkish coffee recipe. However, we must warn you: it is highly addictive!

    A copper Turkish coffee pot filling a traditional cup with coffee.
    In Turkey, the most popular hot beverages are Turkish tea and coffee. Tea is taken as frequently as water, however many consumers only have one little cup of coffee due to its high caffeine content.

    If you’ve been to Turkey before, you know that Turkish coffee is presented as a special treat, whereas Turkish tea is merely a common daily delight. Tea is typically served on its own, whereas coffee in Turkey is always accompanied by chocolate or a Turkish dessert such as lokum or baklava.

    After breakfast, many Turks like a cup of coffee with bite-sized biscuits that are always available on the kitchen counter.

    What is Turkish Coffee?

    How to Make Turkish Coffee

    First, we must emphasize that Turkey does not produce its own coffee beans. Arabic coffee beans are ground finely and used to make coffee. It is more like cooking than brewing.

    A woman scooping up ground Turkish coffee from a jar.
    The phrase Turkish coffee alludes to the coffee’s unique brewing process. And the coffee itself (before to brewing) does not resemble conventional coffee beans. It is so finely powdered that you might initially mistake it for cocoa powder.

    Therefore, we also enjoy using it as an ingredient in our no-butter tahini cookies!

    In a special coffee pot known as cezve or ibrik, ground coffee is mixed with water and (optional) sugar. These are the finest vessels for brewing this genuine coffee.

    These are little copper pots with a long handles; nevertheless, pots made of stainless steel, ceramic, brass, and even glass are commonplace today. They are of various sizes. The smallest container holds one serving, while the largest might hold up to six.

    These pots are small and deep, with a wide bottom and a thin neck, which aids in the production of foamy coffee. In these pots, coffee is boiled with water over low heat on the stove or, historically, on hot sand.

    The resulting coffee is rich and foamy with a robust flavor. It is served in traditional Turkish coffee cups topped with a great deal of foam. The ability to produce sufficient foams demonstrates your mastery of the art of coffee preparation.


    How to Make Turkish Coffee

    It is a super easy coffee recipe with two or three ingredients. You need:

    • Water: It is best to use cold water to have the best foams. Never use warm or hot water.
    • Super fine grind coffee: Buy it fresh from a local store if possible. Otherwise, choose the most famous brand from online shops. Don’t try to make this coffee with regular ground coffee.
    • Sugar: This is optional. It depends on your taste. You can either leave it completely out or add half to 2 cubes of sugar. Please read more about this in the section below.

    How to Make

    It is very easy to make this coffee at home with the following steps:

    First, measure water with a small coffee cup:

    one cup for one person, two cups for two people, and so on. Pour the liquid immediately into the cezve.

    Second, measure ground coffee:

    The ratio for the ideal consistency is 1 coffee cup of cold water to 2 tablespoons of coffee, or 1:2. Add the coffee grounds to the coffee maker.

    Then, mix coffee and water:

    In a Turkish coffee pot, add ice-cold water and finely ground coffee with a vigorous swirl. If you want your coffee to be sweet, combine sugar, coffee, and water. As a host, you must always inquire how sweet your visitors prefer their coffee.

    • Unsweetened (no sugar added) – Sade
    • With little sugar (add ½ cube sugar) – Az sekerli
    • A bit sweeter (add 1 cube sugar) – Orta sekerli
    • Super sweet (add 2 cubes sugar) – Sekerli

    Note: This measurement is for one cup of coffee. If you are preparing coffee for more than one person and they all have distinct sugar preferences, prepare each person’s coffee individually.

    Next, cook the coffee: Prepare the coffee by placing the coffee pot on low heat and stirring it two or three times while it cooks. When the liquid is close to boiling and the foam begins to rise, remove it from the heat.

    Distribute the foam into each Turkish coffee cup using a teaspoon. Return the pot to medium heat. Allow it to raise, and when it begins to boil, remove it. Divide the coffee between the mugs.


    There are various tips for preparing coffee with the correct amount of foam and desirable consistency:

    • Utilize freshly-ground coffee If your coffee has been sitting in the pantry for months, it will not foam. To maintain the coffee’s freshness after opening the packet, refrigerate it in an airtight container.
    • Use filtered cold water. Never use warm or hot water to prepare it.
    • In the pot, combine the coffee, water, and sugar (if using) with care until thoroughly blended. Do not mix quickly. Always be courteous with your coffee.
    • Cook your coffee on the lowest heat with two or three stirs until it begins to foam. Never let it boil. Remove it just before it boils and, using a teaspoon, divide the foams among the cups.
    • After transferring the foams to the cups and reheating the coffee, slowly pour the coffee into the glasses to preserve the foams.
    • If you desire extra taste, you can add spices such as cardamom or cinnamon to the coffee and water in the pot.


    How to Make Turkish Coffee

    As for serving, Turkish coffee has its own distinctive custom. Turkish coffee cups are also unusual. They are demitasse cups, or kahve final as they are called in Turkish. Similar to espresso mugs.

    Always on the side is a glass of cool water. This is done to cleanse the palate before the first cup of coffee. So that you can appreciate the flavor of the coffee more.

    Additionally, it is frequently served with a sweet dessert, such as Turkish delight or chocolate. Adding a traditional dessert, like kunafe or baklava, elevates the dish’s status in the culture.

    From grinding to brewing and serving this coffee, the entire process resembles a ritual. This unique drink is a means for Turkish people to socialize. It is typically enjoyed after a meal.

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